[wingide-users] Django testing?

Chris Curvey chris at chriscurvey.com
Mon Dec 23 11:32:43 EST 2013

I'm asking the collective (not just the Wingmen) if anyone has any
best-practices or tips-n-tricks related to testing Django apps with Wing.
I'm used to testing non-Django stuff with unittest, and I'm trying to "do
the right thing" with my Django app, but I seem to be hitting annoyances.

I have gotten as far as understanding that the tests should be run from
outside Wing, and I can use external/remote debugging to stop in the test

But when I do something like this:

client = django.test.client.Client()
client.post("/foobar/", {"a":1, "b":2})

does anyone know if the post is handled within the same thread of execution
as the test client? In other words, should I be able to set a breakpoint in
my foobar() routine, and have Wing stop there when I step over

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