[wingide-users] Bug: cProfile.Profile doesn't make stats

Joao Matos jcrmatos at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 13:36:50 EST 2013

Wing IDE Support <support <at> wingware.com> writes:

> On 8/6/10 2:14 PM, cool-RR wrote:
> > I came across a bug. I tried running cProfile from the shell (both debug
> > probe and regular shell.) When I do `cProfile.run('6**6**6')` it raises
> > some exception when trying to create stats after the run:
> This is an odd one.  It works in the debugger but not in the shell or 
> probe.  We'll need to probably dig into the details of cProfile.  This 
> goes on our TODO list.
> Thanks for the bug report,
> John


I'm using WingIDE 101 v5.0.0-1(rev 30231) and just got the same problem.
Any ideia how to fix it?

Best regards,


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