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Christopher Fry cfry1 at MIT.EDU
Wed Aug 28 13:19:06 EDT 2013

Which ever way you order the stack, make an explicit comment at the top of the display saying
unambiguously which order the stack is in.
If you are to give the users the option, a checkbox with a persistent state labeled something like
"Order the stack by latest call first" at  the top of the display would do it.
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Today's Topics:

   1. Call stack direction (Paul Du Bois)


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From: Paul Du Bois <dubois at doublefine.com>
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Subject: [wingide-users] Call stack direction
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I'm on 5.0.0-b6 (rev 29601) of Wing Pro. Can there be an option for
reversing the order of call stack entries? Wing orders them with oldest on
top and newest on bottom. I won't go so far to say that the Wing order is
incorrect; but usually all the excitement happens in the most-recent stack
frames, and the older stack frames are often the boring ones.

The other debuggers I often use sort the stack frames the opposite way from
Wing, and it's somewhat confusing switching between the two.

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