[wingide-users] Sometimes b5 and b6 crash using pylint

Jason Mehring nrgaway at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 20 15:39:10 EDT 2013

When using pylint on a specific file (update file) it will randomly crash wingide.  It works sometimes and sometimes does not; with the source file being the same.

I just tried to reproduce the error and the easiest way was to pylint on a file that had a few warnings and error at least.  I then:

1. update for 'file'
2. update for 'file'
3. click on the  'Warnings' tab
4. update for 'file'
*wingide crashes*

I am using b6 on 64bit ubuntu.  Happened in b5 too.

Here is the pylint configuration file:

# PyLint Panel Configuration

# Timeout for execution of pylint command

timeout = 30

# Save files before running PyLint (0=no, 1=current file only, 2=save all files)
autosave = 1
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