[wingide-users] annoyances in personal b5

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Mon Aug 19 14:45:39 EDT 2013

On 8/16/13 4:49 PM, David Cortesi wrote:
> Using Personal 5.0 beta5 on Mac OS.
> Stack Data panel is on the right vertical.
> One annoyance is that every time I initiate a debugging run, the columns
> of the Stack Data pane go back to default(?) widths, approximately equal
> widths I think, ignoring how I set the column boundary minutes earlier.

This is a bug and we'll try to fix it soon.

> A second annoyance is that these long Value strings are truncated
> because the horizontal scroll bar for the Stack Data panel is removed
> much too soon, long before the widest Value string is fully in the window.

We'll look at this.  Does a tooltip with more of the value appear when 
the mouse is over a value that isn't fully displayed?



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