[wingide-users] annoyances in personal b5

David Cortesi davecortesi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 16:49:28 EDT 2013

Using Personal 5.0 beta5 on Mac OS.
Stack Data panel is on the right vertical.

One annoyance is that every time I initiate a debugging run, the columns of
the Stack Data pane go back to default(?) widths, approximately equal
widths I think, ignoring how I set the column boundary minutes earlier.

I am debugging a PyQt program so the Value column items are typically quite
wide, e.g.
  <PyQt4.QtCore.QRegExp 0x11a49bde0; len=1>
Whenever a new debugging run (green triangle clicked) starts, the Variable
column gets set far too wide, pushing the Value column off the display
entirely on my laptop. I can drag the column divider back but this is
forgotten as soon as debugging stops.

A second annoyance is that these long Value strings are truncated because
the horizontal scroll bar for the Stack Data panel is removed much too
soon, long before the widest Value string is fully in the window.
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