[wingide-users] migrate from TextWrangler?

Marc A. Murison murison at alpheratz.net
Fri Aug 9 16:50:51 EDT 2013

robert rottermann <robert at redcor.ch> wrote:

> But, I do NOT use [Wing] for my day to day python editing.
> For this I have my editor that can sing and dance and produce baked
> potatoes in no time.

I have long had the opposite experience: text editors cannot come close to
the convenience and configurability of Wing. Any time I have to use a
plain-text editor, I'm always really missing Wing. So I'm curious -- what
can your text editor (TextWrangler?) do that Wing cannot? What do you find
most often causes you to prefer it over Wing's editor?

Marc A. Murison
murison at alpheratz.net

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