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Fri Aug 9 10:03:59 EDT 2013

Scott Lawton wrote:
> I rarely need all the variables, so that's useful in general but not
> what I was after here. However, I just noticed that I previously
> missed the expansion triangle in the 'Watch' section. (My fault, but
> the barely-Mac-like interface is still a stumbling block for me.)

Wing 5, which is out in beta form at http://wingware.com/wingide/beta 
should be much more Mac-like.  (Or if that's what you're using, and 
you're using the default Display Style, please send me a screen shot).

> Related: is there a preference on whether a list or dict gets
> summarized with the id/address/whatever&  length vs. the first few
> contents? Not sure about others, but I never need that cryptic ID.

The Debugger > Line Threshold preference controls when to show a value 
on a single line, but it's probably not quite what you are looking for 
because it reverts to the type + id display if greater than that length 
and not a truncated version of it.  This is something I'd like to make 
more configurable since some types provide decent __repr__ and others 
provide insanely useless ones.  For some things I end up adding 
expressions to the Watch tool, but I end up working in the Debug Probe 
fairly often since I can easily try things out there, quickly figure out 
a bug and design correct code.

The object ID is shown because it's the way to verify if two object 
instances are the same one.  I agree maybe this could be made a bit less 

Another thing that may be useful is right clicking on the Stack Data or 
Watch tool and selecting Show Detail.  This gives you a textual display 
of the currently selected value in the tree.  (In case you have Wing 5, 
this is entirely broken there but will be fixed in beta6).



Stephan Deibel
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