[wingide-users] migrate from TextWrangler? Questions & comments.

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Fri Aug 9 09:52:27 EDT 2013

Scott Lawton wrote:
>> But, I do NOT use it for my day to day python editing.
> That may be where I end up ... but it seems a shame if Wing can't
> compete with vanilla text editors for everyday work.

We do put a _lot_ of work into the editor, which has fairly complete vi 
and emacs modes among others.  You may also want to look at enabling 
auto-editing (from the Edit > Keyboard Personality menu).  This is 
documented at http://wingware.com/doc/edit/auto-editing

It's still a bit quirky but the Editor > Auto-Completion > Python Turbo 
Mode auto-completion mode may also be of interest.  It is documented in 

If you are still missing things, send us an email and we can either 
point you to them or add them to our list of things to add in the future.



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