[wingide-users] migrate from TextWrangler? Questions & comments.

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Thu Aug 8 17:01:06 EDT 2013

Hi scott,
I work on linux mostly and sometimes on windows.
and I am a wing aficionado for years. I really, really like it.

But, I do NOT use it for my day to day python editing.
For this I have my editor that can sing and dance and produce baked 
potatoes in no time.

However when it comes to heavy python lifting, I use wing. And as I 
said, I REALLY like it.


On 07/30/2013 03:11 AM, Scott Lawton wrote:
> The mailing list traffic is light -- I fear I may flood it with
> questions and comments as I give the new beta version a try. Feedback
> welcome (on or off-list) as I proceed....
> I just discovered that Wing IDE is finally creating a (somewhat) real
> Mac GUI. The X Windows version was too painful to use, so it's a
> welcome change. The open question: is that sufficient to get me (and
> probably others like me) to migrate from TextWrangler (or BBEdit or
> various other text editors that people use since there's still not a
> decent Mac-like Python IDE)?
> First question: how do I search for a tab, e.g. after getting the
> mixed tab/space warning? backslash-t didn't work. The docs have a
> brief mention of wildcards and regex, but without sufficient detail.
> Thanks,
> Scott
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