[wingide-users] Subject: showing contents of a list or dict

Mark Jones mark0978 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 15:39:48 EDT 2013

Debug probe is way more than just another shell.  It is a shell at the
break point or stack frame.  You can move up and down the call stack and
the probe allows access to all the variables at that frame.  it also allows
you to alter those variables.

You might want to look @ the watch window, or just import pprint to use in
the probe.

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> Subject: [wingide-users] showing contents of a list or dict
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> One of the most important things I want from a debugger is a
> structured / smart view of data. For example, a list might look like a
> column in a spreadsheet; a dict should behave like an outline (with
> perhaps multiple options depending on user preference and the dict's
> complexity).
> Does Wing have anything like this?
> The DebugProbe is just another shell.
> Scott
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