[wingide-users] migrate from TextWrangler? Questions & comments.

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Thu Aug 1 19:44:53 EDT 2013

On 8/1/13 3:35 PM, Scott Lawton wrote:
> When I run a standalone program that doesn't require params (but does
> expect a virtual env), I'd rather not be required to configure
> anything. Is there a setting for Wing to detect/use the #! at the top
> of a file? e.g. my Python files almost always start with something
> like #!/Users/me/virtual/something/bin/python

Wing doesn't default to the #! executable, though it probably should. 
It does default to 'python' though, so you could activate the virtual 
environment before launching Wing and it should pick up 'python' from 
the path.



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