[wingide-users] migrate from TextWrangler? Questions & comments.

Tibold Kandrai kandraitibold at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 12:02:36 EDT 2013

Opening one single file and debugging without a project should work or at
least it works for me.

For me a huge advantage in Wing is the auto-complete and that it's platform
independent as I'm working on bot a PC and Mac. So I can just stick to my
habbits and it'll still work.
I also use most of the IDE features of Wing, like the auto indent, auto
editing white space control etc. It really speeds up the development for me
although some people can be really annoyed of it. :) Of course you can
always turn them off.


2013/8/1 Scott Lawton <scott.s.lawton at gmail.com>

> > Go to search, on the bottom right of the search bar there is an "Options"
> > button, click and select Regex Search.
> Aha, I didn't see that.
> Request for Wing: please make this more Mac-like! A menu should not
> just be an unadorned text label. (Adding a 'Regex Flags' menu that
> looks like another plain-text label compounds the issue.)
> To consider: promote regex to one of the main checkboxes rather than
> hiding in a menu. e.g. I use that far more than 'whole words' (though
> to be fair, I almost never turn it off so not something I need to
> change often).
> > I'm using Wing IDE on a Mac daily and I think it's quite handy.
> > I was using it even with the X Windows stuff and although it was quite
> > annoying, Wing IDE still proved itself a quite handy tool.
> I'm certainly happy to give it a try. One general challenge: I really
> want a 'debugger' rather than an 'IDE'. So, much of the effort that
> has gone into the product is lost on me, and some of it will be a real
> hindrance. For example, I just want to open a file and click 'debug';
> I don't want to create a project for everything I do.
> We'll see how it goes.
> Scott
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