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Fri Apr 26 09:38:01 EDT 2013

Matt Calder wrote:
> I work on a fairly substantial project in Wing. There are several 
> thousand files spread across hundreds of directories. When working on 
> a file, I don't always recall where within the project the file 
> resides. Is there a "go to file in project" feature such that the 
> location of the current file in the editor could be highlighted in the 
> project panel? Thanks,

You can either check on the Follow Current Editor option in the Projects 
tool (from Options menu, top right) to always show the current editor in 
the Project tool, or bind a key to to the command 
show-current-file-in-project-tool using the Keyboard > Custom Key 
Bindings preference.

Vaguely related to this and often overlooked is Open From Project in the 
File menu, which is a very fast keyboard-driven way to open files from 
the project.


Stephan Deibel
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