[wingide-users] Debugging a multi-process python code

William Ray Wing wrw at mac.com
Thu Apr 25 09:26:52 EDT 2013

I'm struggling to debug a rarely-occurring exception in a running code which uses the python multiprocess library to spawn off multiple sub-jobs.  The exception happens less than once a month (or so) in code that is running 7/24.  I strongly suspect that the bug is in the multi-process library itself (specifically in pool), and is triggered when an external event randomly happens to affect more than one of the sub-processes simultaneously.  The traceback I get points to the "get"  routine in the pool class.

I suspect I know the answer to this (and that it isn't what I'm hoping for), but if I run the whole package under Wing, then sit back and wait for the exception, will Wing capture the state of ALL the variables, both in the main process and in the subprocesses?


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