[wingide-users] wing refuses to save a project file?

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Apr 22 10:23:49 EDT 2013

Chris Curvey wrote:
> this has gotta be something screwed up with this new machine I got...
> I've started wing, created a new project, added an existing directory 
> to the project.  I go to "save project as" and get the browsing 
> window.  I browse to the right location, type in my project name, and ....
> nothing happens.  I'm just sitting here with the "save project" 
> browser open.  I've tried saving to a few places (thinking that this 
> is a permissions error).
> This is Windows Web Server 2008 R2. (gaak?  why did they give me the 
> "web" version?  Must go hunt down a sysadmin...)
> Any ideas?

Can you send the error-log from the User Settings Directory (listed 5th 
in Wing's About box) to support at wingware.com?



Stephan Deibel
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