[wingide-users] Next Search in files is difficult to access

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Fri Apr 12 16:44:31 EDT 2013

Mark Jones wrote:
> Search in Files tab has _N_ext indicating that Alt-N should go to the 
> next occurrence  but Testi_n_g in the menus also has the Alt-N.  This 
> means that the one in "Search in Files" is unreachable.  F3 however 
> should work (it is listed under Edit|Search and Replace|Next as the 
> keystroke for the next occurrence.
> Neither of these work, meaning I need to use the mouse.......  Seems 
> like the F3 should goto the next occurrence when Search In Files is 
> active, or should do next on the most recent search done.

I think F3 controls the Search tool not Search in Files.  Try binding a 
key to the command batch-search-forward with the Keyboard > Custom Key 
Bindings preference.

I'll try to make this less confusing and to fix the accelerator conflict 
(although those are hard given the complexity and dynamic nature of the 



Stephan Deibel
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