[wingide-users] Feature request: individual pop-to heights on tool tabs

David Cortesi davecortesi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 20:06:57 EDT 2013

I position the Debug I/O, Python Shell, and Search tool tabs in the bottom
tool box area. And, cool feature, if I single-click on the active tab, the
whole tool box area collapses down to give maximal editing space. And
single-click on a tab like Search and it pops back up where it was. Nice.

Except: "where it was" needs to be different for each tool. Like, I want to
drag the Python shell tool up high like an old man's belt, so I can see
several lines at once. But I want the Search tab to be no higher up than it
needs to be, to reveal the Previous/Next buttons.

So if I've been using the Python Shell and go to Search, the tool box is
too high. So I drag the splitter down. Then  I want the Python Shell and
I'm working in a two-line window, so I have to drag the splitter up. So
it'll be too high when I use Search. See? Each tool tab should remember its
own last splitter position, and pop up to that height when clicked.

Maybe there's something comparable needed with the side-tab tools but I
don't know.

Thanks for reading,
Dave Cortesi
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