[wingide-users] Getting message "no debug process/ not listening for connections"

Chris Curvey chris at chriscurvey.com
Mon Apr 1 22:08:51 EDT 2013

hmm.  You can't even get a syntax error if you type in gobbledygook in your
program?  Sounds like you're not running the program that you think you're

I wonder if some program got set as the main debug file while you were on
spring break.  Try opening the project tool, and see if any of your
programs are listed in red.  if they are, right click and select "clear
main debug file".

On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 9:30 PM, Noelia Volpe <noebyus at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm writing because I am having trouble running Wing IDE. I have been
> using the program from almost three months as part of a class, and had no
> problem with it. I didn't use during Spring break  and when I try to ran my
> code today (which was working perfectly fine a week ago) I found the Wing
> wasn't working any more:
>  When I press the Start button I get this message in the bottom left
> corner : "no debug process/ not listening for connections". Nothing else
> happens, the "play" arrow becomes green again and that's it. I don't even
> get an error, even if I type random words.
> I haven't made any upgrade to my computer as far as I know (though maybe
> the windows update changed something I'm unaware of).
> I updated the Wing to 4.1.12 to see if that would fix it, but no luck.
> Any suggestion on how I might fix this?
> Thanks!
> Noelia
> Technical data- I am using:
> Wing IDE Professional
> Python 2.7
> Windows 8
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