[wingide-users] New Wing script: previous-brace-match

Ram Rachum ram at rachum.com
Sun Sep 30 05:07:38 EDT 2012

Hello folks,

I released a new Wing IDE script as open source.

Script page: http://wiki.wingware.com/PreviousBraceMatch

Here is what it does:

Select the previous pair of braces.

Similar to Wing's built-in `brace-match`, except it goes backwards instead
of going forwards. Goes to the nearest pair of braces, whether it's (), [],
or {} that's before the current caret position, and selects those braces
including all their content.

Known limitation: Doesn't know to ignore braces found in strings.

Suggested key combination: `Ctrl-Bracketleft`

It's released under the MIT license. Download at GitHub:
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