[wingide-users] problem with django unit test

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Mon Sep 24 12:16:40 EDT 2012

brian downing wrote:
> When I run a unit test on a single file, I get the exception 
> “ImportError: cannot import name MigrateAndSyncCommand” for 
> run_djangotests_xml.py line 195.
> I think the line should be “from south.management.commands import 
> MigrateAndSyncCommand”
> I'm using south 0.7.6 w/ python 2.7.

This may be something that's changed in South. Does correcting that line 
in run_djangotests_xml.py solve it for you?

Actually the following would be better, so both variants are supported:

from south.management.commands.test import MigrateAndSyncCommand
except ImportError:
from south.management.commands import MigrateAndSyncCommand

Thanks for reporting this,


Stephan Deibel
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