[wingide-users] Bug (or feature?) in the "Stack data" Tool Area

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Fri Sep 14 08:06:29 EDT 2012

Denis Kirienko wrote:
> Type the next program:
> class a:
>     def b():
>         pass
> Now press F7 three times. The debugger will stop on the "def b():"
> Open "Stack data" tool area and look to the locals variable.  Inside
> it you can see dict "__locals__", which also has a key "__locals__"
> and so long.
> See the screenshot.
> Is it a bug or it is a python feature?

Apparently this is what Python 3.2 does.  In that context:

 >>> locals()
{'__module__': '__main__', '__locals__': {...}}
 >>> locals()['__locals__']
{'__module__': '__main__', '__locals__': {...}}
 >>> locals()['__locals__']['__locals__']
{'__module__': '__main__', '__locals__': {...}}

We may want to omit __locals__ from our display, though I'd like to 
understand the motivation behind this better before we do that.


Stephan Deibel
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