[wingide-users] Bug in Wing IDE: can't debug program with cyrillic characters in filename

Denis Kirienko denis.kirienko at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 10:22:14 MDT 2012


I want to report about old bug in Wing IDE, when filename (or full
path) of source file contains cyrillic letters (or, may be, other
non-latin characters).

Steps to reproduce:

1. You must use python-3. Python version 2 is not affected.

2. Filename (or full path) of source file must contains cyrillic
letters (may be, other non-latin characters, I didn't test
non-cyrillyc alphabets).
In the given example full file name is "/tmp/абв.py". "абв" is first
three letters (lowercase) of russian alphabet. Here is this three

3. You must run the program using "Start / Continue" command (or
pressing F5). When running program without debugging, all is correct.

As the result, the debugger can't start. You can see output of the
debugger at the attached screenshot.

Bug is reproducible at Windows and Linux.

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