[wingide-users] Commandline args for transformation of selected text

Joe Moudrik j.moudrik at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 04:30:29 MDT 2012


I started with wing after using gvim as my "IDE" and I am therefore using
vi-bindings a lot. One thing that has been a bother in Wing is the
unability to specify complex arguments for external commands.
For example, I would like to transform some text to have the text "two
apples" at the beginning:
1) I select some text using the Visual mode (V and arrows)
2) then I press : and specify the command:
`<,`> : ! sed "s/^/two apples/"
3) and press enter

Unfortunately, this does not work, because of the double comma (") (' does
not work either).

Is it somehow possible to specify complex arguments like this?

For simple commands, this is not a problem, because commands without " work
(e.g. ! cat -n)

Thanks a lot,
Joe Moudrik
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