[wingide-users] Snippets with default values no longer working

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Mon Oct 29 09:21:10 EDT 2012

Porlo wrote:
> I fired up wing earliertoday,  and immediately noticed that one of my
> snippets wasn't working. After a bit of experimentation it appears that this
> problem is not restricted to just one snippet, but instead seems to include
> any snippet that makes use of default values. Attempting to add them to a
> file with a double-click fails silently, whilst pasting them from the
> context menu produces a dialog with the error message *'Error executing
> command .internal.edit.snippet_selected_paste*. Over the weekend I was
> having a go at scripting for the first time and am wondering if I may have
> inadvertently damaged a program file. The only thing I intentionally deleted
> was the django.py file from the install directory.

It does seem to work in Wing 4.1.9 (and in general) so may be something 
a bad script is introducing.  Can you look in the Mesages tool under the 
Scripts channel to see if there are any messages?  Or, just us  an error 
report from Wing's Help menu with the error log included.



Stephan Deibel
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