[wingide-users] GTK3 gi.repository completion

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Thu Nov 15 11:03:09 EST 2012

> If I try to complete code in debug mode.
> The completion is under Gtk._introspection_module instead of Gtk.


I haven't had time to work on a fix yet but I think we'll need to do two 

1) Our introspection engine will need to look for _introspection_module 
in some form (see below for possible work-around)

2) For static analysis, it will be necessary to generate *.pi files w/ a 
script that imports the modules and looks through _introspection_module 
then writes the *.pi files to a place where Wing will look for it.  This 
part is something you could do on your own.  It is documented at the end 
of this page:  http://www.wingware.com/doc/edit/helping-wing-analyze-code

There is a script that did this for older pygtk in 
src/wingutils/pygtk_to_pi.py in your Wing installation and, in the same 
directory, a generic one generate_pi.py that is used for extracting 
information from extension modules.  It probably wouldn't be hard to 
tweak one of these to look in _introspection_module instead of the top 
level of the modules.

If you try (2) then please don't hesitate to ask questions.

I tried to come up with a work-around for (1) the runtime introspection 
case and it seems that the following works and doesn't break the binding:

 >>> for key in Gtk._introspection_module.__dict__.keys():
...   setattr(Gtk, key, Gtk._introspection_module.__dict__[key])
 >>> Gtk.AboutDialog
<class 'gi.repository.Gtk.AboutDialog'>
 >>> dlg=Gtk.AboutDialog()
 >>> dlg
<AboutDialog object at 0x21ef500 (GtkAboutDialog at 0x2686110)>
 >>> dlg.show()  # It shows a window!

If this is the case I can't understand why this isn't done to begin 
with.  Maybe there's supposed to be a way to load the bindings like 
this, but I couldn't find any docs on that.  It would certainly be 
possible to write a simple module that you import as Gtk that does 
this.  I'd be interested in hearing whether this works if you try it.

I hope this helps...



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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