[wingide-users] script to generate HTML files for keymaps

Mitchell L Model dev at software-concepts.org
Wed Nov 14 11:22:46 EST 2012

Thanks for bringing this up -- I haven't used Wing on Windows in several years and forgot where the preferences file is. I should have checked with someone before posting to the list. If you get the script running on Windows, please let everyone else know how. Thanks again.

    --- Mitchell

On 2012-11-14, at 10:08 AM, Wingware Support wrote:

> Werner F. Bruhin wrote:
>> After I changed it to the following I get this exception:
>> keymap_location = r"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wing IDE 4.1"  ??? Is this what is consider WINGHOME on Windows, i.e. WingIDE's program folder?
>> ConfigParser.NoSectionError: No section: 'user-preferences'
>> File "c:\dev\aaWingTools\wing_keymap2html.py", line 146, in <module>
>>  keymap = report_keymap('keymap.user', UserKeymap().load())
>> File "c:\dev\aaWingTools\wing_keymap2html.py", line 134, in load
>>  for key, value in evaluate(config.get('user-preferences', 'gui.keymap-override')).items():
>> File "c:\Python27\Lib\ConfigParser.py", line 322, in get
>>  raise NoSectionError(section)
>> I don't have any custom key bindings (at least not yet), could that be the reason?
> I haven't tried the script yet but from looking at the source I suspect you also need to set preferences_path to the correct location for your version of Windows (it's listed as the User Settings directory 5th in Wing IDE's About box, accessed from the Help menu).
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