[wingide-users] [OSX] warning re. strange modifier key behavior

Mitchell L Model dev at software-concepts.org
Fri May 25 12:24:36 MDT 2012

[I am resending because I lost my indentations sending the original version, making the message nearly unreadable.]

The following behavior has been in WingIDE for a long time
			(I'm using Professional, so not sure it applies to the lesser versions.)
			It took me a while to figure out, and I think at the time I sent a message to 
			this group about it. (It would have been 1-2 years ago.)
With the increasing popularity of Apple computers as development platforms it's worth reminding OS X users of this glitch:
	When XQuartz is already running when you start Wing, it may change the X11 modifier key bindings. 

			(I'm not sure whether it reverts them to an X11 default or to its own idea of what the bindings should be. 
			I don't think any preference settings in either X11 or Wing affect this.)

	The way to see the existing X11 modifier map is to type the following into an xterm:
	Given  contents of my .Xmodmap, it is easy to see when Wing has screwed up the modifiers: either mod1 or mod2
	shows three bindings and the other shows 1. The fix to restore your bindings is what is typically automatically done
	when X11 starts (or running a script with the same effect):
		xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

	Modifier mappings are set through your .Xmodmap file, which X11 processes at startup,  or equivalent command-line
	invocations of xmodmap., Modifier mappings are done with lines like 
		add Mod1 = Meta_L Meta_R
	You must coordinate the xmodmap settings with the Wing setting "Global X11 alt key" in the Keyboard tab of the 
	User Interface preference.

			Personally, I set things up so that option as meta and and command is alt, because that corresponds to 
			how I have always used Emacs on Macs. I use Emacs keybindings in Wing, with the global X11 Alt key 
			set to command. This gives me the standard Wing meta-key bindings on option, and the ability to add my
			own alt- bindings triggered with the command key. This does interfere with the use of the command key for
			X11 commands, which is not important to me and which I handle with other mechanisms.

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