[wingide-users] Annoying keyboard issues

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Wed May 23 17:34:52 MDT 2012

current Xquartz is 2.7.1

See http://xquartz.macosforge.org/

OSX uses xquartz, just quite a number if versions back.

Yarko Tymciurak
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Subject: [wingide-users] Annoying keyboard issues
Date: Wed, May 23, 2012 5:11 pm

I think I'm running XQuartz, I think it's part of Lion. At least, the 
"About X11" menu item (in the X11 menu on the left, rather than the 
rightmost menu where it belongs) says "XQuartz 2.6.4 (xorg-server 1.10.6).

On the windows machine, I'm running on bare metal, no VM, Windows 7 
Professional, Service Pack1, 64 bit OS, i7 CPU.

While I've seen it both places, it happens much more frequently on the 
Mac. It seems to have something to with which window is active. Oh, and 
I run with the windowing policy set to "One Window per Editor" (I have 
big screens and prefer the overlapping window paradigm to tabs) on both 
machines. Could it be a problem exacerbated by these multiple windows?

Tom S.

On 5/23/2012 5:01 PM, Wingware Support wrote:
> Tom Stambaugh wrote:
>> I've just started using Wing IDE Pro v4.1.6-1 on my brand-new
>> MacBookPro (which I think is running "Lion"). I've been using Wing on
>> Windows and Linux for years. For better or worse, Wing runs in X11 on
>> the Mac.
>> I'm having some truly annoying issues with keyboard support.
>> Sometimes, for reasons that escape me, Wing simply stops responding to
>> keystrokes. The mouse works fine, but it's as though my keyboard is
>> disconnected.
>> On the Mac, I seem to be able to get things going again by
>> mouse-clicking a few Wing windows.
>> I've seen this a few times on my Windows 7 machine as well. So far, in
>> Windows 7, I've needed to restart Wing to get the keyboard back.
>> Am I the only one seeing these problems?
> On the Mac it might be caused by using the X11 provided by Apple instead
> of the latest XQuartz. I'm not sure what would cause this on Windows. Is
> that in a vm or on a separate machine?
> I've also seen something like this on my Mac but it's dead for
> everything and I need to unplug and replug my keyboard. In my case it's
> might be caused by a combination of a weird ergonomic keyboard, vmware,
> and xquartz but I've never been able to narrow it down. Probably not the
> same thing as what you're seeing but seemed worth mentioning.

Tom Stambaugh
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