[wingide-users] Single instance vs. multiple instances

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Wed May 23 12:18:26 MDT 2012

mercado wrote:
> When I run Wing IDE, and there is already an instance running, it will
> create a second instance.  Is there a setting that allows me to force
> Wing IDE to only run one instance at a time?
> I believe that I had it set up this way before, but I don't know what
> I did to change it or how to get it back.
> BTW I am running Wing Personal 4.1.5 on Ubuntu Lucid10.04.

By default, Wing should reuse an existing instance if there are files on 
the command line, and starts a new instance if not.  You can force 
creating a new instance by adding --new to the command line, or add 
--reuse to force reusing even when there are no files on the command line.


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