[wingide-users] Just in case the documentation confuses anyone else

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Wed May 16 14:43:32 MDT 2012

On 5/16/12 4:21 PM, jgold wrote:
> The key binding documentation to zoom in and out is Ctrl-KP_Add and
> Ctrl-KP_Subtract.  Being new to Wing, this caused me some frustration,
> Nothing I typed would work. I tried Control-K, Control-KP, Control-Shift-K,
> etc.

We will try to improve the documentation here.  Just FYI, the names 
originated as symbol names used in pygtk and possibly one of the X11 
libraries before that, so can't contain non-alphanumeric characters and 
are maybe terser than they need to be.

> P.S. This key sequence sucks because the keyboard on my Macbook Pro (running
> Windows 7) doesn't have a keypad or any labeled alternative keys for a
> keypad.  Why not just use Control + and - like Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc?
> Especially when there don't appear to be any other bindings for those keys?

We probably can switch to using ctrl-plus and ctrl-minus, particularly 
now that many computers don't have numeric keypads.  You can also zoom 
and out by using the scroll wheel while holding control down or you can 
map other keys to the zoom-in and zoom-out commands via the Custom Key 
Mappings on the Keyboard page of preferences.



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