[wingide-users] New Wing script: go-to-lowest-project-frame

Ram Rachum ram at rachum.com
Fri May 11 11:51:49 MDT 2012

Hello folks,

I released a new Wing IDE script as open source.

Script page: http://wiki.wingware.com/GoToLowestProjectFrame

Here is what it does:

Go to the lowest frame that's on project file rather than external module.

Did you ever have Wing stop on an exception, and then drop you in code that
belongs to an external module? This is often annoying, because you want to
figure out what you did wrong on *your* code, and the external module is
usually not to blame.

`go-to-lowest-project-frame` to the rescue! Invoke this script while
in order to be taken to the lowest stack frame that's on a project file
than an external module.

Suggested key combination: `Alt-F11`

It's released under the LGPL license. Download at GitHub:
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