[wingide-users] Wing IDE 4.1.4 released

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Fri Mar 30 14:00:47 MDT 2012

Michael Hipp wrote:
> Could you elaborate a bit on these two, or point me to an explanation?
>  * Improved auto-editing with repeated press of :

If you have auto-editing turned on in the Edit > Keyboard Personality 
menu and the Manage New Blocks operation is turned on in auto-editing 
preferences then pressing : on a newly entered line will insert a 
newline and indent.  As of Wing 4.1.4 pressing : a second time will 
reformat so the following line is instead indented and will put the 
caret at the end of that line.  Pressing : a third time will indent the 
entire following block of code under the new block.

Auto-editing is currently still off by default and is documented here:  

>  * Improved Python turbo completion mode

In the Editor > Auto-completion prefs area there is an option "Python 
Turbo Mode (experimental)" that you can turn on to use a different 
auto-completion mode that I've been working on.  In Python code, it 
turns all non-symbol keys into completion keys in a context-sensitive 
way.  The improvements in Wing 4.1.4 avoid triggering completion when 
working in most contexts where a new symbol is being defined, making 
this much more usable than it was in the past.

This mode is documented here:  http://wingware.com/doc/edit/auto-completion

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Stephan Deibel
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