[wingide-users] Wing IDE 4.1.4 released

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Fri Mar 30 10:50:17 MDT 2012


We've just released version 4.1.4 of Wing IDE.  The highlights of this 
release include:

* Add Show in Explorer/Finder and Copy File Path to editor tab context menu
* Include special and inherited methods names in the auto-completer
* Option to sort unit tests by source order
* Item in Options menu of Search in Files to copy results to clipboard
* Print and Select All in the debug I/O context menu
* Project property to override the Strip Trailing White Space preference
* Improved auto-editing with repeated press of :
* Auto-wrap auto-entered invocations
* Added support for debugging QThreads in PySide and PyQt4
* Option to auto-show Debug I/O tool on first output in each debug run
* Added support for Python 3.3 alpha1
* Emacs mode Alt-{ and Alt-}
* Improved Python turbo completion mode
* Several VI mode improvements
* About 50 other bug fixes and minor improvements

See the change log at 
http://wingware.com/pub/wingide/4.1.4/CHANGELOG.txt for

To download:

Wing IDE Pro: http://wingware.com/downloads/wingide/4.1
Wing IDE Personal: http://wingware.com/downloads/wingide-personal/4.1
Wing IDE 101: http://wingware.com/downloads/wingide-101/4.1



Stephan Deibel
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