[wingide-users] retaining source control commit messages when commit attempt fails

Mitchell L Model dev at software-concepts.org
Tue Mar 20 19:42:19 MDT 2012

I think that Wing should distinguish source control commits that fail from those that succeed and leave the message in the source control tool's message tab as is, rather than clearing it. (For example, I am committing to a git repository that runs pep8 on the modified code, and if pep8 complains, the pep8 output is shown in the Output tab of the git tool, and the commit is aborted. But when I fix the problem and try the commit again, the Message tab contents are empty. (Before the second commit attempt, the message from my first commit is still there, so I believe that all this change would require is to distinguish successful from failed commits and just not clear the commit message when the commit fails.)

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