[wingide-users] Released 2 new scripts: `show-file-in-explorer` and `start-debug-with-preset-args`

Ram Rachum ram at rachum.com
Fri Mar 16 17:17:31 MDT 2012


I released 2 new scripts for Wing IDE, `show-file-in-explorer` and


This is what `show-file-in-explorer` does:

## show-file-in-explorer ##

Open the currently-edited file's folder in Explorer.

Implementd only for Windows.

Suggested key combination: `Alt-Insert Ctrl-J`

And this is what `start-debug-with-preset-args` does:

Start debugging with preset arguments.

You need to have a git-ignored file `cute_wing_stuff_local_settings.py`
right in this `scripts` folder, which defines a `dict` like this:

    all_debug_argument_presets = {
        'my_django_app.wpr': ['runserver --noreload', 'test']
        'other_django_app.wpr': ['runserver 80 --noreload', 'test',
        None: ['runserver 80 --noreload', 'test'],

What does this file mean? For each of your projects, you define the
different presets for debug arguments that will be used for your main debug
file. `None` is used as the default for any Wing projects that are not

Then you call this `start-debug-with-preset-args` with the `i_preset`
argument equal to the preset index number, and debug will start with those

Suggested key combinations: `Alt-Insert F5` for preset 0
                            `Alt-Insert Shift-F5` for preset 1
                            `Alt-Insert Ctrl-F5` for preset 2
                            `Alt-Insert Ctrl-Shift-F5` for preset 3


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