[wingide-users] django running unit tests

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Wed Mar 14 19:21:36 MDT 2012

Dan Arbogast wrote:
> I have been unsuccessful in finding documentation on how to run a unit
> test with WingIDE on a django project.
> A file called tests.py was created when the django project was first
> made and it has a simple "assertEqual(1+ 1, 2)"  statement.  When I
> click on "Run Unit Tests" under the django heading the following message
> is displayed:
> Tried to execute unavailable command .internal.testing.run_test_files
> Can anyone point me to some documentation that can get me straightened
> out on how to wire up this feature in wing?

In Project Properties from the Project menu, under the Testing tab, set 
testing type to Django Tests.  Then manage.py should appear in the 
Testing tool and running tests should work.  If not, verify that the 
file properties for manage.py set the test type for that file either to 
Default or Django Tests.

Docs for this are under Running Unit Tests in 

Please let me know if that does not help.


Stephan Deibel
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