[wingide-users] Question about wingdbstub.py on ARM7

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Fri Jun 22 07:23:04 MDT 2012

Gregory Perry wrote:
> I am curious if wingdbstub.py can be used in an embedded development 
> environment, on a remote ARM board connected via the network.  The 
> remote target has a full ARM gcc and gdb development environment as 
> well as python 2.7.2, is there any way to do the development work 
> using WingIDE Professional on a Windows 7 host, but have the code 
> execute and get debugged on the ARM board?
> I've taken a look at wingdbstub.py and configured it to connect back 
> to the Windows 7 host, but I am still getting a "Error: Cannot find 
> wingdb.py in $(WINGHOME)/bin or $(WINGHOME)/src" error message which 
> leads me to believe that WingIDE has to be running on the same 
> physical host for this to work?

You also need the debugger library and not just wingdbstub.py itself.  
On OSes where we have a binary of Wing IDE, it's easiest just to install 
the IDE and point WINGHOME at that.  In this case (on ARM) you need to 
install the debugger manually and compile the extension module used by 
Wing's debugger.  Otherwise I think it works and we have other users 
doing this.  To get the debugger sources, we need an NDA, however:


You can just email this to support at wingware.com.

The docs for setting up remote debugging are here:




Stephan Deibel
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