[wingide-users] Question about wingdbstub.py on ARM7

Gregory Perry Gregory.Perry at govirtual.tv
Fri Jun 22 03:51:59 MDT 2012


I am curious if wingdbstub.py can be used in an embedded development environment, on a remote ARM board connected via the network.  The remote target has a full ARM gcc and gdb development environment as well as python 2.7.2, is there any way to do the development work using WingIDE Professional on a Windows 7 host, but have the code execute and get debugged on the ARM board?

I've taken a look at wingdbstub.py and configured it to connect back to the Windows 7 host, but I am still getting a "Error: Cannot find wingdb.py in $(WINGHOME)/bin or $(WINGHOME)/src" error message which leads me to believe that WingIDE has to be running on the same physical host for this to work?

Thanks in advance
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