[wingide-users] Problem with scraping extension

Claudio Baeza cbaeza at alges.cl
Sat Jun 16 23:55:42 MDT 2012

Dear friends,

I have been using during last months wing ide over windows 7 64 SP1
without problems, however, since some days ago I have problem with
python extension. I will try explain:

I have a python extension, its name ck.pyd,  moreover, i have a
calculate.py program, when import the ck extension, from windows cmd
console, I execute python calculate.py successfuly, however, in
wingide says:

ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.
File "C:\tmp\calculate.py", line 29, in <module> import ck

In wing IDE message TAB says:

Analysis: Scraping file:C:\tmp\ck.pyd
Analysis: Cache file is C:\Users\test\AppData\Local\Wing IDE
Analysis: API scraping process for cvmodel completed
Analysis: C:\Users\test\AppData\Local\Wing IDE
4\pi-cache\0.0\C\tmp\ck.pi is empty (scrape failed; removing file now)

Some ideas to fix this?

Thanks so much for, any help. will be wellcome!

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