[wingide-users] encoding problem

brian downing brian.downing at yakkadesign.com
Tue Jun 5 13:42:01 MDT 2012

for the coding I had |||# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-|||.  I added this after 
I reverted back.  Is that comment different from |||#coding:utf-8 |||?

I got the problem fixed.  I changed the encoding back to cp1252, 
reverted the file, added the utf header, and set the encoding in wing to 


On 6/5/2012 3:07 PM, Wingware Support wrote:
> brian downing wrote:
>> My default encoding was cp1252 on windows 7. I copied some html that 
>> was utf-8 into unicode strings in a python script. In wingware I 
>> changed the encoding to utf-8. I made a few changes to the file and 
>> used my revision control to revert back to a pre-encoding change 
>> version. Now in the source code I see weird characters. How should I 
>> fix this?
> Do you have a coding comment at the top of the source file?  I'd add 
> that if it's not there, like this:
> #coding:utf-8
> Then you'll have to retype/re-paste the corrupted characters.  It 
> looks like Wing stored the file as utf-8 but the revision control 
> system acted on it like it's cp1252.  I don't know if adding the 
> coding comment in the file will prevent this in the future, but it's a 
> good idea not to assume files matching system or IDE defaults.
> Another idea would be to change the encoding in Wing back to cp1252 
> for that file and tell Wing to re-read it from disk, then add the 
> coding comment after that.  That might be easier if more of the file 
> contents is in cp1252 than in utf-8.
> You could of course also save a copy of the file in each encoding then 
> copy/paste content over or use Wing's diff/merge tool to compare and 
> merge the files.

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