[wingide-users] Working with PyQt

Virgil Stokes vs at it.uu.se
Sat Jun 2 09:09:20 MDT 2012

I have just started with PyQt4 and currently trying some of the introductory 
tutorial examples.

Are there any WingIDE shortcuts that can reduce the number of steps for creating 
*.py code from the Qt Designer?
That is, the step (after saving the Qt Designer window in test.ui):

   d:\pythonCode> pyuic4 test.ui > test_ui.py

from the command window seems a little awkward. And then the creation of the 
test.py file (template for PyQt code).

This example is taken directly from:


In summary, can the test.py file be created completely within WingIDE, without 
the need to explicitly execute pyuic4 from the command window?


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