[wingide-users] Keybindings to switch between tabs?

Oleksandr Gituliar oleksandr at gituliar.org
Thu Jul 26 02:32:04 MDT 2012

On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 12:01 AM, Wing IDE Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:
> On 7/25/12 5:15 PM, Oleksandr Gituliar wrote:
>> All those features are really nice, but they serve different aims than
>> the one I'm asking about.
>> I'm a VIM user and switching to WingIDE step by step. It's a pity that
>> such a usefull feature is missed. Is there any reason why?
> We add features in response to requests like this.  vim, like emacs and
> other text editors, has too many commands for us to replicate every one.
> We're also not ordinarily vim users, so we depend on user requests to tell
> what is and is not important.
> Could you send descriptions of what the bindings you're interested in to
> support at wingware.com and we'll see what we can do?

That sounds really good, sure I can.

You already have gt (next tab) and gT (previous tab) bindings
implemented. But if you use those commands with a preciding {count}
(2gt or 4gT) nothing happens. Here is what happens in VIM:
  * {count}gt    go to the tab number {count};
  * {count}gT    go {count} tabs back.

Those features on their own are good enough for fast and convenient
navigation between tabs. But you can go futher and show numbers for
each tab in GUI, like here [1]. In that case people shouldn't count
tab number implicetly. You may add a flag in the Preferences, e.g.
"Prepend the tab number to its label".

PS. Usually, Alt+Num combintaion does the same as {count}gt and is not
VIM-mode-specific. But it looks like it is already used for structural
folding in Wing IDE. Moreover, I find having several ways to perform
the same action, like {count}gt and Alt+Num, a bad idea, so leave
Alt+Num as it is now.

[1] http://doruby.kbmj.com/aisi/files/vim_tab2.png

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