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Wed Jul 18 19:24:25 MDT 2012

Tibold Kandrai wrote:
> What I actually meant was Break-when-the-value-of-the-watched-variable-changes.
> In other words, if I have a global variable (I know, globals are bad practice, but the do have their place) which may be getting changed by actions in several places, I'd like to break when that variable is changed and see what (and where) it was changed from/by.

Sorry, I did misunderstand.  We don't have support for that now, but as 
someone else suggested you could define a class with __setattr__ or 
similar methods and set breakpoints there.  Obviously this would 
probably require some changes to your code so may not be useful.

BTW to support this kind of watch well for a Python debugger the 
following is needed:  http://bugs.python.org/issue5654  The status of 
this is that it would probably get accepted if someone can show with 
benchmarks that it would not slow Python down.  We haven't gotten back 
to this.  I mention it in case someone else is motivated enough to try 
to move this issue forward by providing benchmarks.


Stephan Deibel
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