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Mon Jul 2 11:49:36 MDT 2012

martinakos wrote:
> As I said in my message: "I have tried the display theme but none of them
> suits me" so Black Background theme doesn't solve the problem.

Sorry, I missed that sentence and apparently misread you original post 
as well as saying that you want a dark background color.

> I have also changed the window background color in windows 7 appearence
> settings and this affects the window color for most applications, however
> WingIDE must set the window background color internally. Is there anyway of
> configuring this?

Wing 4 is based on GTK and thus won't adjust to the Windows 7 appearance 
settings.  You can set the text colors for Python and a few other file 
types with the User Interface > Colors > Syntax Formatting preference.  
To set the background color for everything outside the editor you would 
need to either find a GTK theme that you like or adapt one of the ones 
that come with Wing.  They are located in bin\gtk-bin\share\themes in 
your Wing installation and the 'gtkrc' file is where the theme is defined.

How this works will be completely different (and I hope easier to 
manage) in Wing 5, which will be based on Qt instead.



Stephan Deibel
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