[wingide-users] Keyboard bindings

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Sun Jul 1 20:46:48 MDT 2012

martinakos wrote:
> I'm evaluating WingIDE and I have changed the keyboard personality to Visual
> Studio as I'm used to use these keys when debuging. However, I see that some
> of the keybindings are different from visual studio, for example to step-out
> in VS you use Shift-F11 and to run to cursor you use Crtl-F10 these two key
> combinations didn't work. I was able to add custom key bindings and that
> solve the problem. I also notice the the VS key bindings or my custom key
> bindings don't show in the debug menu (I haven't checked other menus) it
> shows the default ones. Is this a bug or I'm missing something?

Wing only shows one binding in the menus when multiple bindings are 
present and I think it may not be well defined which binding it will 
find first when there are default bindings and user-defined bindings as 
in this case.  I think you could rebind the unwanted bindings to a blank 
command name in the Keyboard > Custom Key Bindings preference to get 
yours to show up instead.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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