[wingide-users] New Wing script: cute-open-line

Ram Rachum ram at rachum.com
Fri Jan 27 18:24:57 MST 2012

Hello folks,

I'm a lean, mean, scripting machine! I released a new Wing IDE script as
open source. This one's actually really simple and short, but it's
something I wanted for a while.

Script page: http://wiki.wingware.com/CuteOpenLine

Open a new line, but don't move the caret down to the new line.

Running this command is like pressing Enter, except your caret doesn't move
into the
new line that was created, but stays exactly where it was.

The advantage of this over Wing's built-in `open-line` is that
doesn't just insert a newline character like `open-line` does; it runs
`new-line` command, which does various intelligent things like
auto-indenting your
code to the right level, opening your parentheses *just so* if you're doing
 invocation, and a bunch of other goodies.

Suggested key combination: `Ctrl-Return`

It's released under the LGPL license. Download at GitHub:

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