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Mon Jan 23 07:20:36 MST 2012

On 1/23/12 3:55 AM, Campbell McKellar-Basset wrote:
> I have side and bottom toolbars, both with splits, and two editor 
> panels, side-by-side.  Pressing Shift-F1 moves between all windows, 
> including tool boxes.  How can I switch between my two edit panels, 
> without cycling through the tool boxes?
> Sometimes I press Shift-F2, then Shift-F1, then Shift-F2 again, but 
> that's almost more distracting than reaching for the rodent.


You can bind keys to the move-editor-focus command using the keyboard >  
custom key bindings preference. It looks like there are default bindings 
only in the Emacs (Ctrl-X O) and VI (various Ctrl-W sequences) keyboard 
personalities so you will have to add a binding if you're not using one 
of those.



Stephan Deibel
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