[wingide-users] About the vi mode copy and paste

Joon Ro joonpyro at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 08:20:27 MST 2012


It was hard to ask a question with multiple lines in convore. I will ask a  
question in the email list from now on. :)

So I replaced the command 'paste-register' with 'paste', and  
'move-to-register-next-move' to 'copy-selection-or-line' in keymap file.
Firstly I used just 'copy', but it seems I need to use  
'copy-selection-or-line' in order to get consistent behavior.

So now it is generally working. A couple of questions:

1. It seems there is no counterpart of paste-register(pos=-1) in paste  
command. Is there any way to implement this with paste?

2. I am actually using different keyboard layout(colemak) so I had to  
remap a lot of keys. Currently, ; key is mapped to where p key is at in  
QWERTY layout.
I can use 'Browse-;' to do pasting, but when I mapped a command to  
'Browse-Shift-:' or 'Browse-Shift-;', the assigned command does not work.
Is there a bug regarding using ; key (or rather, : key) as a command key?

Thank you,

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