[wingide-users] Hidden files in Project browser

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Mon Jan 9 09:41:48 MST 2012

On 1/9/12 11:08 AM, Campbell McKellar-Basset wrote:
> Can I ask the Project tool to display hidden files?  I have twenty or so
> .objects and .properties files that I need to edit.  Not really a big
> deal... Just wondering about it, because this week is going to be one
> where I edit them quite often.  They don't show up in the C-Shift-O box,
> either.

You can choose to display all hidden files by changing what files are 
included in the project via the Directory Properties dialog, but there 
isn't a way to only include certain files that start with a '.' (or have 
the hidden attribute set on Windows).  For names that don't start with 
'.', you can remove individual patterns from the fileset named Hidden & 
Temporary Files.



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